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Chanukah Programming!

Havdallah Dinner, Saturday, Dec. 4, reservations, click here.

Friday Night Meal Match, Dec. 3, click here to be a host or here to be a guest.

Current COVID Policies

Outdoor services (when weather is nice)

    • Masks and distancing are not required outdoors for vaccinated people.  
Anyone eligible for a booster must have a booster in order to remove masks (applicable as of 1/1/2022).
    • Unvaccinated people age 5 or older should wear masks outdoors.  
    • Space will be set aside for those who wish to mask and socially distance.  

Indoor services (poor weather, wintertime, or if there is not enough room outside)

    • All attendees who are eligible for vaccination must be vaccinated.  
    • We require respirator type masks (N95, KN95, FFP2, KF94), which are provided if you do not have.  Children 5+ should wear respirator type masks fit for kids, which are provided if you do not have.  Children 2-4 should wear whatever mask they will wear consistently and fits best and are welcome to use respirator masks at parent's discretion.  
    • Space will be set aside for those who wish to socially distance.

Indoor Food Events in Well-Ventilated Spaces at TBS (poor weather, wintertime, or if there is not enough room outside)

●      Anyone eligible for vaccination must be fully vaccinated to attend indoor food events.  This will be assessed by attestation on sign up or at the door.  
Anyone eligible for a booster must have a booster  (applicable as of 1/1/2022).
●      Anyone who attends indoor activities at which food is served must sign up in advance. 
●      Participants must wear a respirator-quality mask except while not actively eating. In particular, masks must be worn when singing, when standing in line at a buffet table, or when engaged in extended socializing before or after eating.
●      Seats will be set up to facilitate distancing (max 6 chairs per table) but distancing will not be required.
●      The capacity of the TBS downstairs vestry for events at which food is served is 60 persons if windows are open a few inches.
●      Events may be canceled if levels of community spread in Cambridge and Somerville are excessive.
    • Event organizers should appoint a safety monitor to enforce compliance.

Indoor Food Events at Members’ Homes:
●      Anyone eligible for vaccination must be fully vaccinated to attend any indoor food event.  This will be assessed by attestation on sign up or at the door.  
Anyone eligible for a booster must have a booster in order to attend  (applicable as of 1/1/2022).
●      No more than 8 people.
●      Hosts are encouraged to leave windows open while masks are off.  

Reasoning behind this policy:
Covid-19 is a disease that can cause serious illness and death.   We follow the recommendations of public health officials including CDC and Cambridge DPH. 
- Vaccination is an extremely effective protection against severe disease, which we highly encourage for all who are eligible.  Therefore, we require participants who are eligible for vaccination to be vaccinated in order to attend indoor events and in order to be unmasked outdoors. 
- Booster vaccinations 6 months after initial vaccination can greatly decrease risk of infection.  Therefore, we require participants who are eligible for boosters to have a booster by the end of 2021 in order to remove masks indoors or outdoors.  


Temple Beth Shalom, also known as the Tremont Street Shul, is a warm, friendly, traditional synagogue located near the center of Cambridge, Massachusetts. We embrace people of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we welcome newcomers to feel at home in the shul. We support three styles of Jewish worship: egalitarian, partnership, and orthodox, as well as fostering many kinds of educational, social, and cultural experiences.

We host Minyan  Tehillah, an independent prayer group, as well as the Alef-Bet Child Care (a preschool with day care hours!), and we are often engaged in collaborative Jewish programming. In addition to a robust worship and programming schedule, on the first Friday of each month (with rare exceptions; double-check the calendar), we host a semi-potluck dinner open to all! A special treat of the Tremont Street community is that our weekly Shabbat/Saturday morning services are followed by a kiddush lunch at which everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you, and please feel free to reach out if we can be helpful in any way. 

Services at TBS

There are 3 varieties of services, occurring both in-person and online.

Shabbat/Yom-Tov Zoom services
Egalitarian services run via Zoom at 9:30am on Shabbat or Yom Tov. We begin with "Nishmat" (p. 445 of Koren/Sacks siddur) and continue with shacharit, a reading of the weekly Torah portion, and mussaf. Details, including Zoom link are here.

Daily Zoom Services
Occurring 7:30am Monday through Friday, and 8:30am on Sunday. Details, sign-ups, and Zoom links can be found here.

In-Person Shabbat morning services
Actually this flavor is actually two flavors: egalitarian or orthodox. These require an advance sign-up and adherence to guidelines. Click on the links for more details.

In Person Friday night partnership services
Time varies with the season. Consult this spreadsheet for details.

We need you! Please volunteer to read Torah portions or to lead services. The more people who volunteer, the more "TBS-like" these services will be. What are you waiting for? Sign up here.

Virtual Events

With the physical closure of the shul (see below), we are holding online morning services every weekday, including opportunities to say kaddish. We also are hosting some other virtual events that may interest you. They are on the shul calendar and we'll list them here. To make the calendar easier to navigate, we've removed the events that are cancelled because of the closure. Fear not, they'll be back!

All Events


Jewish Camberville

Check out tons of great Jewish events happening around town by visiting!

Chesed Requests/Offers During Coronavirus (open to wider community

To get through this challenging time, we all need help and support in different ways. We have set up two survey links to (1) sign up as a chesed volunteer and/or (2) request support. If you are looking for anything from help with groceries or errands, to tech or social support, we hope you will let us know. Similarly, if you are looking for ways to get involved and help community members with any of these sorts of things, please volunteer.

Tue, December 7 2021 3 Tevet 5782