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Shabbat Handouts




2022-02-19 The Sin of the Golden Calf - Who, What, Where.pdf

2022-01-08 Raise That Glass, Spill That Wine (Plagues_  What Plagues_) Tremont Street Shul (January 8, 2022).pdf

2021-12-11 Omigosh, It’s Parshat Vayigash! Tremont Street Shul (December 11, 2021).pdf

2021-06-12 Trenchant Critique or Demagoguery-  Korah’s Rebellion Tremont Street Shul (June 12, 2021).pdf

2021-05-15 Violent Images in Marriage (God’s and Hosea’s) (במדבר) Tremont Street Shul (May 15, 2021).pdf

2021-05-08 I Think That I Shall Never See…  (בהר-בחקותי) Tremont Street Shul (May 8, 2021).pdf

2021-04-24 Atonement, Expiation — or Purging_   אחרי מות-קדושים Tremont Street Shul (April 24, 2021).pdf

2021-04-10 Don’t Blame the Victim- Nadav and Avihu in Leviticus 9-22–10-20 (פרשת שמיני) Tremont Street Shul (April 10 2021).pdf

2021-03-21 To Build or Not to Build_  That is the (Shabbat) Question (ויקהל-פקודי) Tremont Street Shul.pdf

2021-03-06 Tremont St. Shul Shabbat כי תשא (March 6, 2021).pdf

2021-02-13 Volunteering or Coerced_  Receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.pdf

2021-02-06 Jethro-The Proverbial Visit of the In-laws.pdf

2021-01-16 Parshat Va-era-  The Name of God.pdf

2021-01-09 When Israel Was in Egypt Land -  Fear and Hatred in Exodus 1.pdf

2020-12-19 There is No Dream Without Irrelevant Elements.pdf

2020-12-05 Sordid Reuben & Bilhah - Mellel.pdf



Who Was Balaam’s God: YHWH El? Or Bull El?

Sexual Orientation In The Presentation Of Joseph’S Character In Biblical And Rabbinic Literature in AJS Review 43_1 (April 2019), 67–104.pdf

Innovation-  Making the Torah Anew… Over and Over Again (TIC Tikkun, May, 2021).pdf

Robert Harris, Amen_Ge'ulah.pdf

Robert Harris, Genres of Prophetic Rhetoric in Rabbinic Exegesis.pdf

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