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Learning: Boston-area and Online


Leyning/Chanting Torah

If you would like to practice the cantillation/trop for a Torah reading, ScrollScraper provides side-by-side versions of the passage, one side with the trop/vowels, and the other without, as it is in the Torah scroll.

If you would like to learn to chant/leyn Torah, Pocket Torah Trope is an excellent resource, as is Pocket Torah Full, for learning a particular Torah reading.


If you would like to learn to lead a service -- or simply become more familiar with the liturgy and its melodies/nusach, here are several online resources we would recommend:

Kehilat Hadar
DC Minyan


Organizations with additional Jewish learning opportunities:

An invaluable resource for the Boston Jewish community, Gateways provides a broad range of high-quality programs, services, expertise, and support to enable students with  diverse learning needs to succeed in Jewish educational settings and participate meaningfully in Jewish life.

In addition to degree offerings including rabbinical & cantorial programs and a school of Jewish education, Hebrew College hosts a wide range of informal learning opportunities for adults and youth. Whether you are interested in attending a single lecture, a parenting series, a two-year intensive program, or a gap-year program before college, Hebrew College is a wonderful institution in the Boston Jewish community.   

The Camberville Open Beit Midrash was foundation in the Fall of 2015. We believe in the power of text-study in uniting community. OBM aims to foster diverse, approachable Jewish learning spaces in Cambridge + Somerville where participants come together to question, think, and learn. OBM meets monthly for a weeknight Beit Midrash, with group study sessions, offered mostly by lay members of the Cambridge+Somerville Jewish community, and also meet for assorted one-off events.

JewishBoston is an online platform for local Jewish resources and events, representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints. On JewishBoston, you will find listings for educational, cultural, social events, as well as Shabbat and other services, concerts, and opportunities for social action. Listings include those for families with young children, individuals with special needs, Jewish history, Israel, events for young adults, and much more!  

Designed to be inclusive, creative, and beautiful, Mayyim Hayyim is undoubtedly the most welcoming and innovative mikvah the Jewish people have -- and for us, it's local! In addition to providing a kosher mikveh for both traditional and creative uses, Mayyim Hayyim also serves the community in additional vital ways: as an art gallery, an educational provider, and -- together with  Jewish Family & Children's Service -- support for survivors of abuse.  

Sat, July 20 2019 17 Tammuz 5779